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Linux Cluster TCO Calculator

Our Linux Cluster TCO Cluster offers the possibility to have a comprehensive look at all the costs which arise when building a state-of-the-art Linux Cluster.

TCO of a Linux Cluster: List of Topics to look at

Here is a comprehensive list of things to look at if you want to understand the total cost of ownership of a Linux cluster:

  • Cluster Hardware
    • Number of Nodes
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Diskdrive(s)
    • Power Cable
    • Network
      • Card (NIC)
      • Switch
      • Cable
    • Racks
    • Other Infrastructure
    • HW-Assembly Labor onsite
    • Costs for HW-Maintenance
    • Additional Costs
  • Floorspace
  • Powerconsumption
  • Power Equipment
  • Cooling
  • Network Connection
    • What does it cost to connect the cluster to the corporate network - cost of IP-Adress, ...
  • System Administration
    • Installation and Integration of the Linux cluster in the present system environment
    • Operating System
    • Admin Tool
    • Middle Ware
    • Effort for administration of the Linux Cluster
  • Other costs
    • Administrator training
    • End user support and training
    • Purchasing infrastructure

Linux Cluster TCO Calculator: Availability and License Cost

The Linux Cluster TCO Calculator is available as an english Excel-Spreadsheet. Rules of thumb, comments and prefilled entries make it easy to calculate and predict the costs for the different topics when purchasing and maintaining a Linux Cluster.
The price of a personal license of the Linux Cluster TCO Calculator is 395 Euro (plus VAT where German VAT applies). Disclaimer for the Linux Cluster TCO Calculator.
Ask for a quote or purchase the Linux Cluster TCO Calculator online using PayPal:

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Remarks on Linux Compute Clusters

LANL's Mike Warren:
Example of a self-made Linux cluster
How the LANL built "The Space Simulator" - a 294 processor GigE cluster for 500.000 USD. More ...
DaimlerChrysler's John Picklo:
Introducing clusters we lose less jobs !
Compared to the job loss rate of 0,1% on SMP due to system failure DaimlerChrysler loses again half of that rate on their Linux and Itanium clusters. More ...
Linux Cluster TCO-Calculator available
With our Total Cost of Ownership-calculator (TCO) for Linux Compute Clusters you can calculate the distribution of costs (e.g. Hardware, Administration, Environm.) and do comparisons with your present system.