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Linux Cluster TCO Calculator Disclaimer

Linux Cluster TCO Calculator Conditions of Use
By using and licensing the Linux Cluster TCO Calculator you are indicating your acceptance of these Conditions of Use.
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Remarks on Linux Compute Clusters

LANL's Mike Warren:
Example of a self-made Linux cluster
How the LANL built "The Space Simulator" - a 294 processor GigE cluster for 500.000 USD. More ...
DaimlerChrysler's John Picklo:
Introducing clusters we lose less jobs !
Compared to the job loss rate of 0,1% on SMP due to system failure DaimlerChrysler loses again half of that rate on their Linux and Itanium clusters. More ...
Linux Cluster TCO-Calculator available
With our Total Cost of Ownership-calculator (TCO) for Linux Compute Clusters you can calculate the distribution of costs (e.g. Hardware, Administration, Environm.) and do comparisons with your present system.