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DaimlerChrysler loses less Jobs on their Linux and Itanium Clusters

John Picklo, Manager, Mainframes and High Performance Computing at DaimlerChrysler in Detroit stated in his talk at the Clusterworld Conference 2003 (San Jose, June 2003) that before they introduced Linux-Pentium- and HP-UX-Itanium-clusters they had a job loss rate of 0,1% due to system failure.

Introducing Linux clusters with a total of 472 CPUs and 192 Itanium-CPUs they where able to reduce the job loss rate due to system failure to a half of that value (0,05%).
What are these clusters doing and how many CPUs do they have in HPC? In June 2003 DaimlerChrysler US had the following clusters running (for full size please click on the image):

  • Cluster DC Distribution Compare Impact-/Crash-Simulations:
    172 Node Pentium Cluster (344 CPUs) Xeon 2.2Ghz, 2.8Ghz from IBM running Linux
  • NVH-simulation:
    96 Node Itanium Cluster (192 CPUs) from HP running HP-UX
  • CFD-simulations:
    2 x 32 Node Pentium Cluster (total: 128 CPUs) Xeon 2.8Ghz from IBM running Linux
in addition to their RISC-systems :
  • CFD-simulations:
    SGI: 12 Origin 300 (384 CPUs)
    4 Origin 3000 (256 CPUs)
    2 Origin 2000 (128 CPUs) Cluster DC Distribution Pie
  • Impact- and NVH-simulations:
    6 Superdomes (352 CPUs) from HP

For Impact-/Crash-Simulations as well as NVH-calculations DaimlerChrysler US has added Linux and Itanium clusters with a total of 536 CPUs. Compared to the 352 RISC-CPUs used in that area there are about 50% more CPUs available in clusters for this application area.
CFD-calculations at DaimlerChrysler US are mainly run on SGI-RISC-systems with a total of 786 CPUs. The overall proportion of RISC to cluster CPUs is at 1120 to 664 (169%).

What about price and performance of clusters compared to SMP ?

  • Pentium Linux Cluster:
    20% performance improvement over equivalent number of RISC processors
    40% cost benefit
  • Itanium HP-UX Cluster:
    50% performance improvement over RISC

Lessons learned ?

Can you fly below the radar?

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