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Building a Linux Cluster: Example of a Self-Made Cluster with GigE

As an interesting example of building a self-made Linux cluster with a Gigabit-Ethernet-interconnect we show the numbers which Michael S. Warren from Los Alamos National Laboratory presented at the Clusterworld Conference 2003 (San Jose, June 2003) in his talk about "The Space Simulator". The Space Simulator is a 294-processor Beowulf Linux cluster with a 2.53 GHz Pentium 4 processor and 1 Gb Memory per Node.

Together with his colleagues Chris Fryer and Patrick Goda he was requested to build a Linux cluster in one month using the budget of 500,000 US-Dollars. Here is what they came up with in September 2002 (Prices are in USD):

Quantity Price Description Total Perc.
294 280 Chassis: Shuttle SS51G mini system 82320 17%
294 254 Intel P4/2.53GHz, 533Mhz FSB, 512k Cache 74676 15%
588 118 512Mb DDR333 SDRAM / Node 69384 14%
294 83 80 GB-Maxtor-Harddisk 24402 5%
1 3300 Wire shelving / switch rack 3300 1%
294 35 Assembly Labor / Extended Warranty 10290 2%
1 1378 Power Cable 1378 0%
294 95 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Card 27930 6%
1 4000 Cat6 Ethernet Cable 4000 1%
1 186175 Switches Foundry FastIron 1500+800, 304 Gigabit-Ports 186175 38%
    SUM 483855  

The total cost per node was $1646 while $742 (45%) of the total was spent on the GigE-networking shown in the last 3 rows above the sum. The Graphs below show the cost distribution as bar- and pie-charts as well as the smoothed temperature distribution measured by lm_sensors in the racks representing the effect of the air flow through the cluster (for full size please click on the images).

Cluster costs Bar Cluster costs pie Temperature Distribution

What about Reliability ?

During the installation of the cluster and the initial large Linpack benchmark runs they identified the following defective hardware:

  • 3 power supplies
  • 6 disk drives
  • 4 motherboards
  • 6 sticks of DRAM
  • 1 ethernet card
During the six month period since the initial failures, the following hardware has failed:
  • 2 power supplies
  • 5 disk drives
  • 1 motherboard
  • 3 sticks of DRAM
  • 1 fan connector loose

Their advice ?

"Premature optimization is the root of all evil." -Hoare

More Information about building a Linux cluster

We have compiled more detailed information about How to successfully build a Linux Compute Cluster.

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