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Altreia Solutions Partners

Altreia Solutions works together with partners to enhance our scope of work beyond our core compentencies to be able to provide complete solutions to our customers. Our partner network includes:


NICE understands the demand of information technologies and establishes enduring relationship with customers by jointly solving problems related to computing resource optimization and rationalization. With the knowledge, skills and strategic partnerships, NICE meets the demands of innovation and offers the most advanced solutions. NICE Computing Portal solutions enhance engineeringproductivity and customer service, shorten the projects time-to-market, while reducing IT maintenance costs.

NICE offers industry leading software products aimed at company-wide management and optimization of computing resources. NICE qualified personnel can provide consulting services related to Inter-Intranet technologies, heterogeneous systems integration, Java development,technical computing, performance analysis, parallel and distributed computing.


Grid Gateway, Inc., located in the San Jose, CA, is a technology company that offers products and services to create Grid Computing environments that help companies meet their business objectives.

Grid Gateway provides a simple path through the complex set of options for companies looking to take advantage of Grid computing. With over forty years combined experience installing and configuring Grid computing environments, our staff has developed proven methodologies and reference architectures to create the right Grid infrastructure, deploy it quickly and provide ongoing configuration support to handle ever-growing demands for compute resources.

Together Altreia Solutions and Grid Gateway are the founding members of the Grid Consortium. The Grid Consortium is a steadily growing multi-national group of companies dedicated to providing key Grid technologies and services to help companies in different market segments create Grid computing environments.


Quanteam Quanteam is a consulting company located in Frankfurt, Germany, founded in 2003 by Dr. Bernd Engelmann and Sören Gerlach. Quanteam consults and offers solutions in the following areas: Development and implementation of models for the pricing of exotic derivatives using state-of-the-art concepts of financial mathematics and numerical methods, development of methods for the measurement of market and credit risks, integration of pricing and risk models into trading and risk management systems, IT solutions for front office and risk management, Basel II, trainings and in-house seminars.

Quanteam's strength derives from the combination of profound competence in financial mathematics and information technologies. Quanteam is at all times a reliable partner - from project conception, software and technological realization to final production with subsequent support.


Neonomy is a UK-based company providing a range of software products and services to companies implementing high performance and grid computing capabilities within their organisations. Neonomy's founders have over 30 years of combined computer industry experience and have been working with high performance computing systems since 1998. Software products available from Neonomy include software suites for system monitoring, application license management and workload management.


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Remarks on Linux Compute Clusters

LANL's Mike Warren:
Example of a self-made Linux cluster
How the LANL built "The Space Simulator" - a 294 processor GigE cluster for 500.000 USD. More ...
DaimlerChrysler's John Picklo:
Introducing clusters we lose less jobs !
Compared to the job loss rate of 0,1% on SMP due to system failure DaimlerChrysler loses again half of that rate on their Linux and Itanium clusters. More ...
Linux Cluster TCO-Calculator available
With our Total Cost of Ownership-calculator (TCO) for Linux Compute Clusters you can calculate the distribution of costs (e.g. Hardware, Administration, Environm.) and do comparisons with your present system.