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VCollab - powerful multi-disciplinary CAE/CAD/CAM 3D Visualization

Among the key features and benefits of the VCollab product are:

  • Multi-disciplinary CAD/CAE/CAM-Visualization s
    Use VCollab to present data from different CAx disciplines simultaneously.
    VCollab provides you instant access to
    • Simultaneous 3D Archiving of CAD/CAE/CAM-Data s
    • 3D-CAx-Presentations in the Intra/Internet, Powerpoint, Word, ... including animation
    • 3D-CAx-Design Reviews
    • 3D-CAx-Communication s
    of your CAx data inside your company or in communication with your suppliers. Use VCollab to view your CAD design and CAE results simultaneously using ONE s
    viewer - no need to e.g. keep and maintain past versions of your post-processors available.
    Here is a list of supported CAD/CAE/CAM applications. s
  • Large 3D-Data-Sets are compressed and displayed very fast s
    Use VCollab to view your large 3D-data sets from CAD/CAM without waiting for startup and the next frame. The optimized compressed file format of VCollab enables fast loading and file storage requirements in the area of only percents of the original file.
    VCollab provides you fast and performant access to your huge datasets including animation from s
    • CAM, e.g. Delmia s
    • DMU where VCollab handles large data files efficiently. Supported applications are e.g. Catia, UniGraphics, Pro/E, IDEAS, SolidWorks, 3D StudioMax. s
    Culling and Level of Details/LOD-support implemented in VCollab offers the framerates you need for visualization of large datasets.
  • Animation and Simultaneous Presentation of your 3D-data s
    Use VCollab to present your 3D-data sets from CAx simultaneously and intriguing. VCollab offers you easy to use presentation of your 3D-data from design (Digital Mockup), calculation (CAE-results) as well as Computer Added Manufacturing (CAM). s
    VCollab is integrated through a seamless plugin with s
    • Internet Explorer to visualize data in the intranet for your co-workers and internet when working with your suppliers
    • Powerpoint: present your inventions and results online and offers the flexibility to react to the feedback of your attendees instantaneously
    • MS Office:Communicate your creations and findings in Word and Excel

  • Here you can find additional benefits of VCollab

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Visualization Explorer
Visualization Explorer
Displacements from CAE calculation
Displacements from CAE calculation
Principal Stress from CAE calculation
Principal Stress from CAE calculation
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